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Dear Members, we do not allow the following activities to be done on

  • Items which are not located in Canada will not be allowed.
  • Item that are illegal to own, buy or sell will not be allowed.
  • Duplicate items cannot be posted in multiple categories.
  • Duplicate items cannot be posted with different email ID’s.
  • Advertisements of other web sites cannot be posted as items.
  • Items with non-related descriptions are not allowed.
  • Items with descriptions in languages other than English and French will not be allowed.
  • Items containing adult or mature content will not allowed.
  • Items containing hate speech will not be allowed.
  • Items containing opinions, notices, discussion and un-related topics will not be allowed.
  • Items with misleading information and content will not be allowed.

Please note:

Ad poster must be at least 16 years old to post ads on their own or otherwise must be guided by a parent or guardian.

Any ads that do not comply with policies may be removed from the site. has the right to remove any ad posted if we identify if the poster has violated the add postings or has an effect on the users using it.

Ad poster is responsible for ensuring the compliance with all the applicable laws and regulations that are imposed on products when listing, buying, selling and trading.