Terms of Use

We welcome you to www.thelunatic.ca. Thank you for taking the time to check us out. These Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy all policies posted on our web site set out the terms on which we allow you to access and use of our web site and the services provided. An overview of all the policies can be found here on this page. When using the web site and the services provided, you agree to the website terms and conditions and the policies provided.

Using your Vendor Account.

In order to use the full services and applications provided by www.thelunatic.ca, users will be required to register as a customer or as a vendor to full utilize the available features. An email address and  a password will be used to create an account as a vendor or a customer. The email address provided by the user will be used to access the account and it will be your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of the password. The user of the account will be solely responsible for the activities conducted using the account. It is the responsibility of the user to maintain a strong password.

If required you may provide us the authority to access and edit your account on your behalf as agreed by an agreement by both the parties. Contac us through our email hello@thelunatic.ca or through the contact form on our Contact Us page to inform any misuse of the website or if your account details have been compromised.

Users are asked to post items on the correct categories as provided by TheLunatic.ca to maintain the integrity of the service, if not the items will be removed.

Abusing the services provided by TheLunatic.ca

Contac us through our email hello@thelunatic.ca or through the contact form on our Contact Us page to inform any misuse of the website or if your account details have been compromised. If you see any offensive content or inappropriate content, do let us know and help us to keep you and the community safe from such content/incidents. For content posted by users which are unethical or does not meet the standards, TheLunatic.ca does not stand liable for such content.

Fees and Services.

Service provided by TheLunatic.ca are free but there can be instance where users will be charged to perform certain actions which are not included in the general scope of the user. If service are charged, the user will be able to view, review and accept the charge and no payments will be performed without the consent of the user. All charges will be presented to the user in Canadian Dollars. If paid services are activated for a period of time, we may charge the user time to time according to the payment play selected by the user. If any difference in charges are made, the user will be notified. Changes in charges can occur due to certain conditions which are temporary such as promotions and season offers. We will not be refunding any of the charges fees and the user is solely responsible to make payments within the needed time period.

Canadian taxes will  be collected when needed and the user is responsible to collect and remit any taxes involved in the process.


TheLunatic.ca will not be held responsible for the posts or items posted by users. Also we does not hold responsible for charges included in different payment methods. The service provided by TheLunatic.ca can sometimes be limited due to technical reasons so we does not guarantee continuous and secure access to our website all the time. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the details of items posted on our website since these will be posted by different users all over Canada.

Personal Information.

Personal information submits to us by using our services will be used by TheLunatic.ca for storing, transferring and processing, and you have agreed to that by providing us your details.


When reviewing a product on TheLunatic.ca on your will or as requested by a vendor, please make sure that you review the product with the truth. The review process can be done by selecting stars out of five and mentioning the reason for such review. These reviews will be displayed publicly with the product you have reviewed.

And finally we again thank you for using our services at TheLunatic.ca and do not hesitate to contact us if there are any issues with products or our services provided.